Monsanto, Dupont,Chevron and Blackrock

All 4 of these Mega-Corps have wrecked untold destruction on our habitat. Yet the government is still letting them do what they want in the name of profit. This will further kill us. It is very short-term profit over long-term destruction for all. As far as toxic industrial companies go, I also recommend watching the Blowout Documentary. It is very informative on the impact that these toxic industrial companies have.

Again, this is capitalism. It is immediate profit over the concern of everything else. Human lives, our habitat, future generations. We will be the instruments of our own destruction, probably even without the use of nukes at this point. We will merely make our planet unlivable for ourselves, and space will not be enough to support us.

More investors should be trying to back a climate change movement. I haven’t met anyone who could make money beyond the grave. You can’t spend money if you’re not alive. To the best of my knowledge, anyway.

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