Why American’s hate our Health Care System, and why I honestly can’t blame them





Many Americans have a distrust of our Health Care System and I can’t blame them. Many view insurance companies as corporate giants and the CEO’s as for-profit oligarchs. Health insurance can be expensive for workers, there is also the added past history towards people of color. The industry has done itself no favors from past injustices such as the Tuskegee Study of untreated Syphilis in Negro Males that ended in the 70’s. If our medical system wasn’t a for-profit, corporate-owned industry, it may be more trusted.

Politicians also have backing from many large industries, health care being one of them. This creates more mistrust, as people/voters tend to mistrust politicians. Keeping business and politics separate is important, much like the separation of church and state. The fact that health care systems are privately-owned, compared to publicly-owned ones of more progressive European Countries, further adds to this distrust. These other countries tend to put more public funding into public infrastructure and still have good militaries on top of it, instead of putting all of their eggs into very few baskets as our government and corporations do.

Health Care Companies can work on gaining the trust of the populace. Perhaps if CEO’s paid workers more, so that they could afford to live on their wages, even at entry-level. Making amends for past wrongs with the sections of the populace that they have wronged could also work towards fixing the issues. Perhaps keeping health care and politicians separate would also help with conflicts of interest.

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