How Reagan hurt the Mental Health care system

Much of what we are experiencing now can be traced back to Reagan and taking federal funding away from a federal issue in mental health care. He instead left it up to states to fund. He talked about the country needing to make cuts. He couldn’t harm big corporations now, could he? That would resemble something along the lines of being seen as a president for the people instead of yet another corporate schill. From before Reagan and to the current presidency, presidents have been schills for the corporations who truly run our nation.

More and more people in the country are developing mental illnesses, this is merely a sign to come with our capitalistic system and we are seeing the end result of that, which is ever-increasing profit at the cost of everything else. Our infrastructure, roads, health care system, schools, education, family etc. Other, more developed countries, are looking on shock and horror in what our country is devolving into. Granted, some people like being hermits, but many have been let go, due to companies not wanting to pay employees. This is leading to more strikes and will lead to violence against the ruling, capitalist class in our country.

As I have written about many times before, countries who treat their workers better, will have better infrastructure and a more stable country than one like ours who keeps driving people into homelessness by valuing profit over people. This will lead to an even bigger mental health pandemic as well as the fall of our country.. Which would corporations prefer; less profits or none? I can tell you which I’d like. I’d like to earn less money over people wanting to kill me, but I understand that corporations have weird kinks, so who am I to judge? Pay your employees, treat them well, play your part in increasing people’s well-being. Otherwise known as being a decent human being.

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