Guide to doing outreach and getting involved in the community, instead of just talking about it

Protecting one’s neighborhood isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it and we would have much stronger communities as a result. Many people are just happy to complain about the problems that are facing the communities without try trying to make the sacrifices necessary to enact the change they want to see. In my neighborhood, I have been working for the past few years as a full-time volunteer to protect against toxic industrials and predatory development which also is destroying the neighborhood and trees.

Part of my next stage in my community is to take community members on tree tours. This is to teach them about the importance of trees and that they ware worth protecting. That they protect our lives and that we need to care for them in turn. If I just complained about it, I wouldn’t have any room to talk, I must get out and inform people and protect my community. As a result, I have been suffering massive burnout, due to my constant writing for the community on zines, flyers, articles, and participating on podcasts to further educate, as well as this blog.

If you do not fight for your community, nothing will change. Toxic industrials will take over, mega-corps will take over, and you will lose your community’s autonomy. You will lose the old feel of your neighborhood, as we are losing ours. We have many homes here from the 1890’s, pieces of history that must be preserved, to teach present and future generations so that our history and stories are not lost. This is why I fight for my community, even with everything that I am sacrificing. Botanical Paperworks is a good place to find wildflower business cards to plant.

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