Consuming, but ethically; voting with your wallet

As long as we have a system that is profit-based, there are ways that we can divert from supporting large corporations. I, myself will be helping people with seeds for their gardens and also do paid landscaping (on a simple basis). Supporting local farmers markets and some programs such as Food Not Bombs is also important. It may not be much, but communities can vote with their wallets. Fruit trees are another way that communities can help feed one another.

I also sell environmental merchandise to help raise money for seeds for the neighborhood, as well as for gardens and to help myself make ends meet. My prices are never up from inflation, and all my money either goes to me (which I keep the bare minimum) and then use the rest to benefit the community. The money I keep for myself usually goes to spending inside the community as well. Keeping spending in the community is how big corporations lose money, as long as the money isn’t spent on big corporations. I’ve actually probably lost money doing the merchandise selling.

Lastly, researching companies before you buy is critical. I used to be a big fan of Ovaltine, until I found out about Nestle. The article above is about what they do to many communities. This is why I no longer buy from companies like them. I ethically vote with my wallet.

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