Why I enjoy writing

I enjoy writing, because I can better express how I feel and can use this as an instrument to better help others. Though I do own medieval weapons, I see my writing as a sword as well. I look to use it as a balance to those who would mislead others. For all my topics and posts, I use sources to back up my opinion, if people disagree with what I have to say, I welcome discussions. It’s how we learn more about the world.

I began writing during my 2nd year of AmeriCorps in the Fall of 2013. I was going through a tough time in my life and was looking for an outlet. I would work on a few of my many drafts of my book on depression that year. I found it to be good for getting my emotions out on paper and to act as a form of therapy. It’s a good form of self-care that doesn’t hurt others.

I enjoy writing as it is also a tool that can open up other careers for me, and I can use it to fight my battles in activism, as well as education. It also enables me to become a better researcher and to be able to defend my points, another bonus. This is because I have political aspirations from the grass-roots side of it. Writing also helps me create music, as I have already written 4 albums and have published 2. Writing is something I don’t consider a job, and makes it easier for me to make money doing so, as it is something I actually enjoy doing.



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