Media-Spun Feel-Good Stories that mask the real truth

The video that Inspired this post.

Many of you know about feel-good stories and virtue-signaling. As described in the above video, many shows such as Undercover Boss, attempt to distract from the shortcomings of our system by giving an employee a better future after paying unlivable wages for years to the point where the lady in the video was living in a homeless shelter with her family, due to the poor wages. This is also an example of virtue-signaling in order to seem like they care or are better to their employees than they really are.

Another common story that is heard if you google student lunch-debt stories. Instead of having a system that preys on the poor from an early age, and forcing students to fundraise for fellow students whether they have a serious illness or need lunches, we could have a better system. Our schools are destroyed by lobbyist agriculture groups that monopolize the industry and stagnate it. When I used to spend my summers in Olympia, Washington there were a few schools that I knew who grew their own produce. Students learned about the environment, growing crops and doing hard work for themselves. This was also prevalent at the high school I went to in Seattle.

When I was in AmeriCorps, I also spent one of my rounds at the Denver Green School helping build garden infrastructure. This is about teaching kids about the real world and how to be more independent. The truth is that the world is an unforgiving place in the work environment, in particular. A good way to fight for rights is by joining work unions or starting a co-op. Many don’t join either, as they seem to think the more the company prospers, the more it will share with its employees, this is not the case. People are not that generous, many are downright greedy.

There are many organizations that will help employees, Starbucks and Amazon Union-movements are taking off as well. We would not have the weekend without unions. I have written before about unions, and will provide links to Co-ops as well, as that revolves around the workers owning the business, which I think is much better. Fighting for worker’s rights takes guts and sacrifice. But it is what we need if we are going to continue having a strong country.

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