Manipulation in the Workforce and Industry and How We Can Fight it

Unions and Co-ops are the best ways to fight against manipulation in the workforce and industries. They offer protections that workers would not have on their own. It is much harder for corporations to fight against a group of individuals rather than just a few people on their own. I was fed the crap in school that unions and ‘anarchism’ was bad. That we have to ‘pledge allegiance to a flag’ and to a government that is not worthy of our loyalty. We are fed the lie by corporations that unions are ‘evil’ and ‘leftist.’ Answer this for me then; if unions are so partisan, then why do we have workers who are striking all over in the South, from Kellog’s factories and teachers, to workers for John Deere, and workers for Amazon in Alabama?

As I have said many times before, this is not a partisan issue, this is a rich vs poor issue. Big Corporations and government want us focusing on what divides us, not what unites us. Our government is in the pocket of the mega-rich and multi-national corporations. We can fight this by creating unions and fighting for workers rights in the workplace. People may say; “these companies will move if we do that.” My answer being; let them. They can move elsewhere where they have to pay more taxes, even if they don’t move to those places, let’s just replace them with unionized companies and co-ops. Co-ops are better in my opinion, but unionizing is a first good step, and industry giants fight hard against them, instead of paying their CEO a little less or execs a bit less.

Co-ops are good, because it is a model that allows workers to buy into and own part of the company. The workers are more invested in the policies, as well as making sure the business is doing well. Despite what corporations may tell you, they are profitable. People like shopping at a place where workers are well taken care of. The more of these mega-corps leave, the more we can replace them with co-ops and small businesses. This cuts down on the dictatorship we currently have as far as corporate giants control.

We must stand up and fight for our rights to live our lives, and work to live, instead of live to work. In other words, work for what we need (fight for living wages), and still have time for our families. We have every right to fight for a better future for ourselves and for our kids/friends/families and co-workers, who also have the same concerns. Nothing will change if we do not fight. We will keep going down this economic spiral.
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