Toxic industrials and Government

Most of what I write about is non-partisan. I see this as a way to reach out to the broadest amount of people, regardless of belief of background. There are essentials that people can agree on; everyone needs food, water and shelter. Everyone deserves clean air to breathe and a clean living environment, free of toxic chemicals. Global warming and climate change are destroying our habitat. the first step would be to eliminate the toxic polluters locally, as that’s where we have the most power as people, then expand throughout the world. The problem is, is that we have a profit-based system.

It is an unfettered profit-based system, because it is profit in the name of everything else; families, health, food, water, everything. In my area, I live in Seattle. As progressive as Seattle is, there are still sacrifice zones in the city. For those of you who don’t know what a ‘sacrifice zone’ is, it is a zone in the city where marginalized communities are exposed to high levels of air and water pollution that the government considers ‘acceptable.’ These residents are poorer residents, and in my experience are higher density population with more immigrants. Many residents in these zones suffer from cancer and other illnesses. Much of what I’m sharing with you on the blog posts, the government doesn’t want me to share with you, as it fears the blowback of a population that is educated on what is being done to it. I also expect to be facing blowback from our government as well, but I’m going to die early, (about 10 years less than the city) living in a ‘sacrifice zone’ anyway, so I’m going to make these years count.

Governments won’t do anything to protect those in the affected zones, because if it did, there would be no place to stick these toxic industrial corporations. I’ve talked with my local government, who’ve told me how sorry they are about my area, but that they can’t do anything about it, which is total bullshit. However if you are interested in helping cut the power from the toxic industrial industries there are a few things you can do. You can refuse to do business with toxic industrial companies such as Boeing, Ram Mounts, and others. Boeing helps with the war industry and Ram Mounts/National Products Inc helps make mounts for many companies in the U.S.

Sources for parts on sacrifice zones


Website for Ram Mounts, if you are interested in doing your part to help boycott an oligarchs company by refusing to do business with Ram Mounts pr their partners:

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