Subsidiaries of Nestle

Nestle is one of the most corrupt companies in the world, and considering some of the companies around, that’s pretty messed up. Well, due to more and more lax governmental regulations/tax cuts for these companies from the government, companies such as nestle have become their own corrupt governments. I remember reading an article the other day, that when nestle had a major court case, they were found not guilty of labor violations, because the country that they used child labor in it wasn’t illegal.

Nestle, like other major companies such as Amazon, owns Congress. So they can do whatever they want. Some of the companies own may surprise you, I know I was. They own Purina, Tombstone Pizza, and packaged Starbucks Coffee. I was feeding my cat Purina until I found this out. Thanks to the merger-happy government we have, companies like Nestle and Amazon are allowed to gain monopolies and cause our country to stagnate, aside from their human rights abuses, when they aren’t killing babies in other countries with formula, or forcing employees to pee in bottles/shit in bags.

What do I mean when I say; monopolies or mynopsony’s (near monopoly in multiple sectors of economy, Amazon is also a pretty good example of this) cause us to stagnate? When just a few companies own everything in an economy, they no longer are forced to innovate to stay on top. Owning the government and getting continual tax breaks, because they are too big too fail, causes innovation and competition to go down. Competition being a driver since our species arrival, as it is in a vast majority of species on this planet. Other, smaller businesses will struggle to get into the market and if they do, will usually be bought out by these monopolies. I like to make the battle reference as I am into warhammers. If you never train to fight anymore, because you are at the top of your Larping class, and pretty far ahead of everyone else, you lose your edge if there is no one really left to challenge you. Some may see no need to keep up their training at this point, and not innovate anymore. Humanity is all about innovation, it’s how we got many of our inventions, long before money was ever created by our species, like the wheel.

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