Teaching uncomfortable subjects in school



Uncomfortable and controversial issues need to be discusses in schools. Students can debate and learn more about history. Being uncomfortable and learning new skills/info is how people grow. We need to be able to have frank conversations about our country’s past. Subjects like Sex-ed and our country’s past of slavery as well as what happened to the native people need to be taught. This is not for us to feel bad, but to work on healing the divisions in our country, divisions that will kill us if we let them fester.

Talking about safe-sex and teaching about it, would go along way in preventing more unwanted pregnancies. Teaching students about how to pay bills and save money would help drive down the record-profits that huge corporations bring in. Teaching about gardening and getting involved with non-factory/corporate-owned farms will lead to less consumption from unethical sources as well. I grew up with one side of my family being a bit richer than the other and have been learning how to give back, as my family would not have that wealth without workers. Workers are what drive our economy, and yet many are paid a pittance.

The more students learn about corporate America, the more they will hopefully change their spending habits to cast their vote. Getting involved with organizations like Habitat For Humanity, who actually help people will also help fight the power of corporations. I, myself, am involved in many non-profits and grass-roots organizations. Some I’m helping get beds and trees started, others I’m helping with outreach.

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