Common reasons why most Americans seem to be looking for change in politics

Many Americans are tired of our current political system. I don’t blame them, as it favors the top 10% of our population. There was a time in our country where only rich, land-owning males could vote, and it seems that we are headed back that way. It will take sacrifice in order to fix our current climate and perhaps, unfortunately deaths. I see myself dying early, if not due to the industrial toxins seeping into my air, then from writing about the wrong thing and being killed. But I believe that a life free from risk is a pretty boring one.

Our government seems to be only truly concerned with the top 10% and what they want in our country, despite the fact that they no to very little of the actual groundwork. The ones that keep this country afloat is the workers, and why I work with people to try and form unions, and at some point in the future, progress to co-ops. In strong capitalism, (if that is what we are going for; a capitalist system?) then we need more competition between businesses, which is why small businesses are so important. What we are currently experiencing is unfettered capitalism. This type of capitalism is a kind of ‘greed is good.’ Seems to be what capitalism evolves into, with exploitation of the working and middle-class for profit over any other concern.

Unions and Co-ops are measures of balance in which workers on a broad political spectrum can come together on. Unless you are going to tell me that all of the workers who went on strikes against Amazon in Alabama and other places as well as strikes against Kellog’s were all democrats? Everyone deserves a fair wage, regardless of background. It is a way that we can come together to break the hold that corporations and the rich have on our country and politics.

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