American Terrorism

Reconstructing the American Tradition of Domestic Terrorism

American Terrorism, in my mind, is born out of desperation. People who are desperate are more easily manipulated. Which is why rich people fight about education for the rest of the populace. They want to return to a time in the world, when the rich were the only ones that were able to have an education. Fighting terrorism through violence doesn’t seem to be the most effective, as we’ve seen in the Middle East. All this seems to do is create more enemies, and sometimes these are people that would’ve been our allies.

Making the population less desperate would be a few measures, and I think the most important ones would be; affordable education, healthcare, better public infrastructure (roads, buildings, housing), as well as housing-first programs. If people are content, they are less likely to revolt. Taking care of your populace also makes for a stronger country (handy in cases of war and other conflicts within and outside of country). Helps keep the economy (capitalist, socialist, etc) going as well. Violence also goes down. The rich may worry that this will cause them to lose all of their power and money. People are only concerned about this in my mind, because our populace is not taken care of.

When a populace is not taken care of, you see events like Jan 6 become more prevalent. If we are to have a functioning government, we need to take a cue from other more developed countries like Finland/Norway/Denmark on how to better help the populace. Our people are tired of the corruption in the government and we must hold them into account, as well as make both sides work together for the betterment of the country. The GOP needs to reign in the Jewish space-laser types and support candidates that will actually help people with their basic needs. The survival of our country will depend on if we can meet the basic needs of our citizens.

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