Why the Government lets recessions happen





Bill Burr interesting talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ScLu3BX1AY&t=132s




As many know, we are in a recession right now. Many companies are taking advantage of this; price-gouging. Corporate greed is to blame for much or our inflation right now, as is there is no oversight with these mega-giants who are deemed ‘too big to fail.’ Oil corporations amongst many others, are recording record profits while the rest of us are in an economic downturn. Other, more advanced countries have set prices that corporations cannot charge against. We are also seeing the shortfalls of capitalism. It is not to say that socialism is perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but in European Countries with a social ‘safety net’ for their people, the pandemic isn’t as lethal to their economy as it has been to ours.

We are seeing the shortfalls of our country, as more and more of us fall into poverty, and corporations continue to buy up all of the housing, while recording record-profits. I get that small companies have to raise prices during the pandemic in order to stay in business, but theses corporate giants can take some money off the top to pay their workers, instead of price-gouging; they have the profits to do this. They cannot claim ‘poverty’ and in needs of bailouts, while giving CEO’s bigger and bigger checks.

This will be one of the causes if we fall into a civil war; just simply not taking care of our citizens; I don’t care what a voter’s background is, we all deserve a livable life. If we want our citizens to have dialogues again, then we need to eliminate the desperation we are seeing in this country. All of our middle and lower-income workers are burnt out, our system is not working and hasn’t been for a while.

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