Why I expect to Die Early






Currently, I am 30 years old. Given my current health issues, I don’t expect to make it past 60. I have asthma and will have other health complications from living in a toxic industrial zone as time goes on. It is part of our capitalistic system as pollution and toxins will start here, and then work its way up into the wealthy parts of Washington and other rich areas of the world. Pollution in this way, is like a virus. We can also stop it, but it would mean losing profits, so it seems like we are just content on killing our species.

There is a documentary I just watched called Blowout. It deals with toxic industrials and the chemicals that make people sick, along with industry encroaching further and further into people’s living areas in our mad dash for profits. Ironically, this results in less births (chemicals in toxic industrials make it harder for women to reproduce), as well as make cancer much more likely. So, with the continuing combo of toxic industrials killing neighborhoods quicker and our inability to replace those that die due to people having to work more due to low wages/chemicals, I think we are going to start seeing a rapid decline in our population.

If people have to work all the time, they aren’t having kids. If people can’t reproduce due to toxins, then people can’t reproduce as well, and makes birth defects much higher. Capitalism and our lust for money above all else will and literally is starting to wipe humanity off the planet. Not the worst thing I suppose. We are doing an incredible amount of damage to our habitat, before the planet wipes us off it and starts again.

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