Need for politicians to actually go out and help their communities and country

Politicians depend upon the citizens in the areas they represent in order to maintain power and their job. But how many politicians do you actually see being involved in their communities? Not many, and congress has lots of time off during the year, as do other politicians. If an old Jimmy Carter can help build homes for Habitat for Humanity into HIS 90’s, suffering a stroke and then working the next day, the rest of these politicians have no excuse. I do have political aspirations in the future, and am laying groundwork by actually going out and making structural changes.

It is time for those in power to give back, to help those who are less fortunate and make it possible for those to maintain their power. I was in AmeriCorps for 2 years, helping build homes, trails, disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy, and helped tutor kids. When I moved back to my hometown, I had to work for a toxic industrial corporation for a few years. After I was let go due to Covid, I started working with a grassroots community group. I am interested in change, and not just patting myself on the back.

Making changes to neglected communities requires sacrifice. That’s what politicians and aspiring politicians need to do; get their hands dirty. This can be building homes, trails, or garden beds in industrial areas to help with toxin remediation. I can ask no more from the community than what I put into it. If politicians want things to change, it requires lots of hard work.

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