Evilest Companies and CEO’s in the world

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Our country has many evil corporations in it. A lot are well-known; Monsanto, Nestle, Hershey, Mars, Blackrock, Chevron, Dupont, Amazon, as well as many others. This is why I try and buy from local and organic companies to try and make the toxic industrial neighborhood I inhabit easier to breathe in. I use Northwest Meadowscapes and have been working to put more gardens into the area. I also make writings like this to get information out about the companies that try to control our country and the world, and to have us stop giving our money and to vote with our wallets. This is why I buy from small, local business’s, because it will be cheaper for me in the long run.

How is this possible, you may ask? Well, if a corporation controls a part of the market, they can set whatever price for an item, and people will have to pay it. But, if there are many companies, it creates more competition and therefor a more equal market. This is why I put my money where I do, and why I give seeds away with my sales, so that our country stops consuming so much, and takes power away from more of these corporate giants. This is also something that people from a wide political spectrum can come together on; stop getting fucked by the big corporations. Buy small and local.

Big corporations don’t want there to be competition and so they lobby our politicians and governments to make it harder for smaller businesses to make it. So, if you see a small roadside booth like mine, or a small, local business/mom and pop place, please support. We as consumers will pay more in the long-term if we don’t. It’s the future hidden cost.

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