Why America’s families are having less kids and why kids are living longer with parents




There has been a trend of less kids being born in the U.S. and was a trend that started even before the Pandemic. A large part of it is that housing is becoming unaffordable and corporations are just buying up all the houses. They are pricing Americans out of the market. So, by sheer necessity, more families are living together longer. Companies are also reluctant to pay more under our capitalist system and are concerned about profits and not so much their workers. So, it should be no surprise when families do not feel financially secure, that they do not want kids.

Children are better taken care of in other, more advanced European Countries. There are more social programs to help single mothers in those countries and said countries also have housing programs like housing-first. https://www.centreforpublicimpact.org/case-study/eradicating-homelessness-finland-housing-first-programme

There are some instances of this being tried in the U.S. (I think there is some form of this in Utah), but more social infrastructure is needed. Taking care of your populace and making sure the poorest are having their needs met is how the country evolves (from the top up). We’ve tried from the top down, and doesn’t really work. We’ve seen this with the “trickle-down effect,” and are still waiting for that trickle.

So, in summary, if workers and civilians do not feel financially stable, they are not going to have kids. This will, in turn, effect the workforce. This will effect the economy as a whole. This is why the “tax/eat the rich” movement is gaining popularity. The rich need to start paying their share into social programs that benefit the public. They would also be helped in not looking so delicious to starving people.

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