Why Corporations need to pay their workers well and give good benefits







Capitalism is the main ruling factor in America. It is ironic, then, in a society based on citizens being able to earn enough money to keep this kind of profit-based economy going, that workers do not make enough to keep this economy going. It defeats the whole purpose of this system, unless that purpose is for 1 person to hold all of the wealth in the country, cause profits over everything else. Ironically, not paying people enough leads to the downfall of the system, as there is not enough money circulating to keep it afloat.

This is why unions and worker co-ops are so important. They provide a semblance of balance. Small businesses help provide balance against big corporations, if people would only help support them. They may be pricier, and this is why I keep my prices down in my community. I haven’t had much luck in selling, though. The work I provide would be valued at about 80-100K a year if I was fairly compensated on an hourly basis. Between outreach and my writings/podcasts. I only ask for people to buy a few items from my stand so that I can keep afford doing my work for the community. I do my work as a volunteer though, because too few are fighting for the community.

Anyways, back to my original point; this system needs to make it be feasible for workers to participate in, otherwise, why should they? For those who say that we can’t reduce income inequality and help improve our country’s infrastructure, I point to Norway for an example (link above in sources). Norway has not let itself to be owned by corporations like we have, and seem to work to address their weaknesses in the economy.

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