The Rigged 2000 Presidential Election and our path to Trump

Republicans go on a lot about how the 2020 election was stolen from trump. But what about an earlier election? The controversial 2000 election between Gore and Bush, which could’ve been a huge turning point for the country. Why do I say the election was rigged? Look no further than Jeb Bush, the Governor of Florida.

Bush’s brother had control over Florida’s recount, who stopped the counting when Bush was ahead in the final and deciding state. So, yes, an election was rigged, just not this last one. This has led to even more power for the oil and gas and other large corporations that have since put the country in a tailspin. The reason that I write these blogs, is to open a dialogue and coming to terms what is happening in this country, something that has been missing since before I was born. I want Americans to be able to come together and make a change to their habitat for the better before we all die.

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