War crimes and US presidents



The U.S. is very hypocritical when it comes to war crimes. Not to say that other countries don’t also commit horrific war crimes themselves, but we lose standing when we get on those countries for crimes while ignoring the ones that our own government and corporations take part in. Take for example; Nestle and the Chiquita Banana company. https://mises.org/library/extortion-private-and-public-case-chiquita-banana

Nestle is a company that I also avoid at all costs. This sucks, as I used to buy Ovaltine. But between Nestle murdering babies by convincing mothers in other countries to use formula until their milk dried up and using child slavery, I can no longer support them. https://www.businessinsider.com/nestles-infant-formula-scandal-2012-6?op=1#not-even-your-kitchen-is-safe–17 https://www.pbs.org/newshour/politics/supreme-court-backs-nestle-cargill-in-child-slave-labor-suit

Our government cannot tell other countries off, while ignoring the horrific crimes that our government and corporations are doing on a daily basis. In the above videos and articles are different war crimes committed by Presidents on both sides of the aisle. GWB even joked about the war he started in a public talk the other day when talking about the war in Ukraine. None of our presidents have ever really faced punishment for these crimes either. This list above might be missing our last few, but I imagine you wouldn’t have to look far to find theirs as well.

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