Scape-Goating mental illnesses for school shootings

As the author of my own blog, I find the scape-goating of mental-illnesses as the cause for school-shootings and shootings in general to be offensive. As stated in the above article, people with disabilities are more likely to be the victims of gun violence than to be the cause. I have Autism and Tourrete’s myself. It’s also an easy cop-out for politicians and those in power to blame the cause on disabilities, then to actually make a concerted effort to actually address why these things happen.

Perhaps it is the Facism and Authoritarianism that is spreading in our country where people can get guns very easily. There is also the problem of people not being trained well on gun-safety (take Switzerland’s extreme amount of guns, but lack of school shootings). They believe more thorough education and training before people are allowed to have guns. I would also appreciate, that if these same politicians are going to bitch about funding mental health (something that started going downhill thanks to Regan), that they start funding these programs themselves.

Perhaps less school shootings would also happen if there was less desperation and less of our rich and those in power hoarding wealth like dragons. This kind of hoarding creates more violence/revolutions as we have seen in many other countries (ones that come to mind are France and Germany). As I have said in many blogs before, that a less-desperate populace is a populace less likely to be influenced by….controversial figures on any side of the political spectrum. It’s how we avoid costs like civil wars/World Wars/revolutions. Just simply take care of our people.

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