When I was growing up, I suppose I was a bit of a Christian. I had to attend church every Christmas Eve for religious singing. I dropped all Christianity and become an agnostic when I wanted more control over my life. One of my biggest beefs with Mega-churches is that pastors need these giant buildings for worship and lots of money to worship god. I’m not religious, but I’m pretty sure that God doesn’t need money, if there turns out to be one or many or whether there is none at all.

There have been many cases in the news about pastors scamming their followers for lots of money. I have no problem with people being religious, if they practice what they preach. Plus, there have been many wars started in the name of religion, as well as people being expected to donate part of their money to the church as well. I’m more of a fan of non-profits like Habitat for Humanity. They are a non-profit who build low-income housing for needy people. I have also worked with them a bit in the past, they are a bit religious for my taste, but they help people in need.

Pastors get rich preaching the word of God. They also get away with being Pedo’s as well. Many use being in the church as a cover for committing crimes against trusting youth. This is part of why I have trouble going to church. I don’t want to get rich preaching about something which I have no direct evidence is real. I reserve my belief until I have real scientific proof. Nor do I think others should get rich preaching it. We don’t see many depictions of god as being this person with lots of bling.

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