Why I work with Unions and are a big fan of Co-ops








I am currently working on a book called; The Downfall of Humanity. The book is a detailed writing about how humanity has gotten itself into its current downward spiral. I also write how we can still come together to improve and help ourselves from going over the cliff. But it will take mass effort from those currently benefitting the most, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon, because of profits. We value profits over human life, and this will be what kills us.

Unions and Co-ops are what will make us head in the right direction to helping us slow our current free-fall until we can come up with a better situation in our country and lead by example. Unions aren’t perfect, but they help workers realize more of their power, and that they are truly the ones with the power if they band together. Co-ops help workers even more, as it creates a business where everyone is invested as a worker as they can all invest into ownership of the business. Their is the Bellingham Co-op which I visit whenever I’m in Bellingham. They have delicious Pumpkin bread and deli salads.

Workers are worth so much more than they think. They truly help drive our country and the world economy. Businesses wouldn’t be crap without them. This is why owners need to start paying their workers more, lest they want to do more work themselves. Also for mega-corps to stop giving CEO’s and execs huge bonuses while claiming they can’t pay their workers.

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