Mom’s for Liberty Bullshit

One may have heard of the recent growing group of ‘Mom’s for Liberty’ Group. The group casts itself as a large grass-roots group that has been helping far-right republicans with their political movement for the past few years at least. They have been behind such movements as banning books in schools that may make their children uncomfortable. As well as others such as the anti-mask movement with at least one threatening a school board with violence if they even left the option for students to wear masks in the school (video at the top). The movement has also behind such movements such as banning books about slavery in schools and unpleasant parts of our history.

As an human being, I don’t mind what other’s political/religious beliefs are. I just don’t want them forcing them on me. Or perhaps I don’t like the idea of books being banned, we have books like Mein Kampf still in schools, yet we are banning books on slavery. Even some children’s books if they don’t like the messages. How about we keep all of the books in school and let students make their own decisions? It kinda is what goes into raising independent, educated adults. Kids have the right to make mistakes, of course we aren’t going to have porno mags at the kids library, but children have a right to learn about our nation’s/world’s past. It’s kinda how we improve ourselves as a species/civilization.

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