How to Kill and take power away from the Oil and Gas Corporations-We need to, to survive

Our oil and gas companies seem to be stagnant in their ways and not be concerned to helping humanity survive and thrive. This is even at the cost of their own short and long-term profits due to climate change as we are seeing right now in Florida as one example. Hey oil companies, you guys are welcome to try and drill some oil in Florida right now. Go for it, just a sign of things to come, not like there is a hurricane or anything. They will not make the change, which is why they lobby so hard in congress and government.

They could be leading the way on shifts to renewable energy, which could help make our habitat cleaner, but would not be as immediately profitable. IN BREAKING NEWS; THE DEAD CAN’T SPEND MONEY. This means that we need to be thinking of our survival first and profits second. You need people, in order to make money, this has been proven. Humanity will kill itself because of greed.

For work, I battle with toxic industrials. Governments that support them can’t see 5 minutes in front of their faces. In order for humanity to survive, governments need to grow a pair and help humanity by lessening their control, or they will kill us all with them. You see advertising for oil corporations claiming to be pro-environmental, but I don’t buy it. If Oil and gas companies are going to play a role in the future of the world, then they need to show that, and by making a leap of faith. This is because the public has many reasons not to trust them, and will take many decades at least to repair that trust, and will take a lot on the part of the companies in order to rebuild trust.

Perhaps the first step could be not doing oil/industrial work in/by a residential community. Perhaps building free, sustainable homes for low-income residents would be another step. They need to take a lot of steps to show that they actually care about the future of humanity, because (with good reason) the common people do not trust them.

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