Alternative Road Infrastructure

Asphalt and concrete are detrimental to wildlife and have toxins in them. There are better solutions to building roads, and other structures that we would normally build out of these materials but can make them better for the structures and for the environment and wildlife. One such idea that I saw a bit on the other day was making plastic roads. There is also this other miracle plant called hemp. Hemp can be used to make hempcrete, which is a clean, alternative form of concrete.

Hempcrete, when it does breakdown eventually, does so in a way that the hemp mixture feeds back into the environment naturally. These are ways that we can keep ourselves in a cleaner environment and also deal with some waste at the same time. Habitat for Humanity (who I worked with in AmeriCorps) recycles building materials, they also help build affordable homes that are good for first-time buyers. Much of these building materials are kept expensive through the use of Corporate Lobbyists in Government, because they want to protect their bottom line, and don’t want the competition.

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