Yes, a large part of it is the Government, but people can also vote with their wallets

In America today, much of our country is controlled by corporations, who do this through lobbyists to the government and advertising, making us want more and more. The government does play a huge role. But we also have a measure of control; voting with our wallets. As a consumer, as well as a seller of merch, I refuse to buy from Amazon any longer after I heard about the businesses practices. I’ve written about Amazon’s Mynopsony before as well as this, I will write more about their practices in the future.

Myself, I have a small mutual aid table. I give free food away and sell merchandise, I keep all of my money in the community. I sell artwork and self-published books. I also have completed a few albums which are on my linktree website. I spend my money on local businesses and the seeds I buy for neighborhood projects come from local, native, heirloom companies or in one case, an organic heirloom company owned by Veterans. I use Red Fox Organics and Northwest Meadowscapes.

Putting our money where our mouth is, gives small businesses more of a chance, makes unions more powerful (more competition, more job opp) and a better economy, as well as more innovation from competition. It also leaves better opportunities for the next generation as well as working better in the long-term for consumers (as long as we have a monetary-based society). Would you rather have many places to buy from or only a few? If you only have a few because people keep buying more and more from giant corporations with lower prices, you will eventually have to pay whatever corporate companies charge. This is why I support small, local businesses.

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