Quiet Quitting or as it should be known; just doing your job and not over-working yourself




Employees have stopped working themselves to the bone recently, as often. We are seeing the limitations of capitalism. Why should workers keep going ‘above and beyond’ for promotions and raises that often turn out to be hot air? Why should we keep working ourselves to the bone without fair compensation? We have families, spouses and communities, all which need support.

The rich have been getting richer, and it became even more abundantly clear during the pandemic. It is becoming clear to everyone, not just workers who belong to a single party. For example, we had many workers in Alabama who had the cause in common that they were being bent over by Amazon and John Deere. As well as with these places, workers at Kellogg’s went on strike. Workers make businesses profits, workers deserve to make their own way, much like with the ants fighting back against the grasshoppers in the movie by Pixar.

My last 2 jobs I worked, I worked at a retail ‘home improvement’ chain and a toxic industrial. At the latter job, I quickly discovered I wasn’t going anywhere no matter how hard I worked, so I just worked at a leisurely pace. Unfortunately, it took more time with the retail store. I would go ‘above and beyond’ a lot. Know what it won me? A few pats on the back and thanks. After that, I started doing the bare minimum. Why should I work harder when I have nothing to gain, and why should you or I bust ass for companies that don’t appreciate us and pay us well?

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