Cause and Effect; not so much good and evil

I hear a lot about good and evil, what is as important as these viewpoints though are cause and effects. For example, Napolean was able to gain power because people were desperate and the rich were corrupt and not wanting to slightly inconvenience themselves in order to keep profiting from the system they were at the head of. This feeds into my background a bit. I come from a working class family on my mom’s, and a wealthier, investment-type on my dad’s.

The other night, I was watching clips from the 2nd Batman movie with Heath Ledger as the Joker. I was thinking that the corrupt society we have in the US with more and more desperate people everyday from the wage gap increasing and no help for the working-class, poor and the homeless in sight, someone like the Joker may, unfortunately, appeal to some people. It would be the unrelenting greed/apathy of the wealthy class combined with the desperation of the people who felt that they could no longer afford to live, and so didn’t have much to lose. Other European Countries seemed to have learned their lessons from past revolutions and wars, how to better treat their people.

This is about treating people well regardless of political affiliation, religion, background, etc. Long-term, this helps make people less desperate, along with more money into public programs and higher wages, helps for a happier populace. A less desperate populace, makes for a better economy as well (whether this be socialism, capitalism, communism, anarchism, or a mixture of the above). In America’s current situation during the Pandemic, society has become more desperate, this runs the risk of affecting the rich as well through violence. Past revolutions have not spared them, is that a gamble they are willing to take this time?

I’ve heard the rich and large corporations bitch and moan about unions and co-ops, and having to pay for public programs that help the less fortunate as well. Here is a great solution to unions at least; why don’t you just pay your fucking workers a decent, living wage? When I want art done for one of my merchandise pieces, I’m willing to pay good money, for good work. This helps the artist make ends meet, but also creates a business relationship. Yes, large businesses/corporations would have to spend more money on employees, but it is better than losing them altogether. Small businesses also need to pay workers a living wage, which kind of goes without saying. If you can’t afford to pay people, then don’t have a business.

For those wondering how I speak so freely about the ills in our society, it is because I have traveled through bad parts of many places in many different states. I spent 2 years working in AmeriCorps for little pay in order to help improve the infrastructure of this country. I run mutual aid tables most weekends, as well as work to make my neighborhoods a cleaner place, because I’m sick and tired of the rich continuing to claim poverty when it comes to helping those less fortunate. The effect of this will be that the virus and ills spreading from the bottom of our society through diseased, and violence will eventually spread to the top of the body, which is the rich, and that will be a fun time to see, watching them eat each other alive, when there is no one left but themselves to exploit.

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