Why I’m running for local office and have the ultimate goal of president in the next decade



A few years ago, I decided that I wanted to run for local office in my district. There are many reasons for this. The first one from what I can see traveling around my neighborhood and the surrounding district is the homelessness situation, this is hardly just local to me, but still. Another is the affordable housing situation that has gotten out of control. It is more a systemic issue, but one that we can help try and fix. Corporate America helps make this issue worse, by hoarding the profits from workers sweat, tears and blood, like a dragon hoarding gold.

I’ve written a lot about poverty, homelessness and corporate welfare. This is because these are all very solvable issues. It really is too bad that we have no mega-billionaires that could help the world, personal reputation and loyalty of their workers by doing anything to help fix these systemic issues, isn’t it? Musk said he would help the food problem in the US and donate 6B towards it if someone would show him how it could be done, someone did and he refused. This would solve a lot of desperation. https://www.verifythis.com/article/news/verify/business-verify/elon-musk-indicated-2021-to-donate-6-billion-to-fighting-solving-world-hunger-if-un-met-conditions/536-cad0e59e-775d-4c3d-a309-b3ef93379a71

I don’t make crap as far as money goes, but what little I do make, goes towards the community, even if people are ungrateful. I pay my taxes when I sell stocks to pay towards things that will help the community and not just myself. I want to make my community better and care about future generations. Some call me an ‘environmental philanthropist’ because I don’t monetize trees and nature. I see the long game.

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