Martin Luther King and CRT

Critical Race Theory has been a topic of much discussion. And it’s not even really a topic that is discussed until one gets to college. It’s about a socially constructed category used to exploit and oppress people of color. Our nation in its brief history, doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to treating people of color well, to say the least. Some states want to stop teaching about slavery and erase that terrible part of our countries past. If you erase history, it is more likely that it will happen again. We need to come to terms with what white people have done to people of color and make amends. That is why I’ve been working with local groups of mixed ethnicity to try to make amends in small ways, such as helping turn our area from a ‘sacrifice zone’ in South Seattle, to an area that actually has a future for our youth and families.

Germans don’t shy away from their past with Hitler, because they don’t want to make the same mistakes as a people. We need to come to terms with our own mistakes and work to make amends; it’s how we heal as a country. Due to my beneficial background as a white person, I do what I can to help improve my community at cost to myself. I believe in healing the right that has been apart of America for as long as we have been a country, and before. MLK and Malcolm X are 2 people that I look up to in my activism work, and they both had points.

MLK preached peaceful protests and managed to accomplish much, though not as much as he hoped. Malcolm X and the Black Panthers managed to accomplish a lot as well, including the breakfast program. Malcolm X, though he was violent, did have some good points, some people will never understand anything other than violence and can become necessary to free one’s self. This has been the case throughout the world, whether it be Algerians freeing themselves from the French. Another example is the Haitian Revolution. These figured were both killed for what they represented; a chance for a more equal America.

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