Inflation; and why it doesn’t seem to matter who’s in office

Corporations talk about having to pay higher wages as contributing to inflation. This is not the case. It is more likely that their mega-million dollar bonuses that they keep paying their CEO’s with the ‘corporate welfare’ that they receive from the government. After all part of inflation is printing more and more money, right? You expect me to believe that it’s not the rich hoarding our resources like dragons, that contribute to inflation. But paying workers a living wage? Give me a break.

If this were the case, companies would not be reporting record profits while many workers simply struggle to survive and support families, having to work 2-3 jobs. I talked to one of my sports coaches on this the other day, and while some rich do contribute with taxes and helping support poorer communities, many view themselves as ‘special’ and above the rest, and that they made it on their own. You may have heard the myth of the self-made millionaire and billionaire. Give me a break. I sell art media on occasion, and even that is not self-made. I have to pay an artist to do the collaboration with me, I have to have customers that buy the art. What about that is by myself, what part of that is even ‘self-made?’ Even on this small, local level, there is nothing ‘self-made.’

Corporations, instead of making slightly less money and showing loyalty for once to their workers, gouge prices every time they are made to pay more. It does not matter whose in office, they will just keep gouging, which necessitates the needs for strikes, and protests. Instead of simply being a decent human being and acting out of preservation by paying decent wages and benefits, they just hoard. This will cause corporations to come crashing down.

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