How to vet your online sources and do your own research; guide to critical-thinking

Critical thinking is particularly important in today’s day and age. It’s important to think critically and be able to back up your opinion from multiple news sources. You can’t just rely on one person or news outlet. It’s important to learn about other’s perspectives, even if you don’t agree with them. It’s also important to cite your sources. Tucker Carlson tweet from today is not credible, nor in my mind is Fox News. It’s actually an entertainment network. There has actually been a court case in the above link about this.

There is also a list of unbiased news sources above as most, but not all, are corporately controlled. 6 corporations now own 90% of the media. Critical thinking and discussion is important for growing us a country, go to a library and pick up a book. Stop banning books that teach about our nation’s past. Kids are going to find that out eventually, it’s better if you don’t hide info from them and let them make their own decisions.

Critical thinking is how we think long-term about protecting humanity’s habitat , which is particularly important with climate change and global warming. We need to think about the best way to feed people and stop wasting food. Food Not Bombs is a good organization to get involved with as far as food necessity goes into play. I also work in planting trees and other plants at the moment in my community. I also have seeds for those looking to add to their gardens.

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