When to cut toxic people and media out of your life




Cutting toxic people out of your life is never easy. Many times, you have known these people for years. Manipulation or trickery can often go unnoticed, as well as being guilt-tripped. A good way to get around this is to get time for yourself. Do activities that interest yourself and improve you physically and mentally. Get off social media and go hiking or for a bike ride.

I know that social media can lead to depression , which is why I’m going to start volunteering to be a therapist in the neighborhood for those who can’t afford one. I have had depression and have had trouble with my self-esteem, and I have the want to help others get better as I did. I will offer my book as a form of therapy as well, and will give seeds for gardening as well as a grow-able wildflower for them to lighten their mood at home, even if they can’t garden. Gardening and seeing crops grow helped me out of my depression.

Part of why I am staring hard on the movement to get trees in the neighborhood, is that they serve many functions. They can feed people, make our air cleaner, provide shade, and can help with people’s moods. Seeing things grow and thrive can just make people happier. It encourages growth within the person to see the community healing. It’s a movement that can benefit us all.

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