Wedding and kids are expensive; plus the unethical gem trade

In today’s economy in the U.S., the birthrate is going down. This is due to a number of factors, but one of the main factors is the cost to raise a kid in today’s economy with everything costing more, and companies not giving a shit if employees can’t make ends meet. Being a parent is also pretty stressful as well. AS a country , we also don’t value employees the same way we value Wall Street. According to the last article, if minimum wages kept up with Wall Street Bonuses, we’d be at $61.75 for minimum wage. Ironically, this is about what they pay in Germany for those who work in trades like in the Auto-field where they are paid 67-34 in hourly comparison.

If you want to keep your economy going, you pay workers more, as they are also consumers, and keep prices low enough that they can keep consuming, like the caps on medical pricing that they have in other European Countries. Weddings have gotten more and more expensive, which is why I recommend keeping it simple, as seen in the above articles. If I ever get married, no fancy ring, due to the gem/mining trade. Let’s save that money and invest in small local businesses that treat employees well, that stuff is hot to me. Just get married, have the wedding person there to officiate and then have a potluck party at a friends house, saves so much money.

The gem trade is quite unethical, filled with death, murder and unsafe working conditions. Mining is a dangerous job, and workers don’t get paid anywhere near the amount they need to support families, which results in frequent strikes. There has been much bloodshed with miners in the US fighting back against our government for fair wages against business oligarchs. What people don’t seem to realize is that unionizing and strikes are non-partisan. Everyone deserves a living wage from their job, workers keep companies afloat and so deserve a bigger piece of the pie. As someone attempting to open a business one day, I know that to save time and money, to just pay my workers well. Saves so much time and money in the long run.

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