How companies keep exploiting workers and getting away with it, and how we can fix this

Corporations wonder why they have to spend so much, time, money and resources fighting strikes and unions? I also have a question; why not simply pay workers a good living wage as they do in other countries? This would kill a horde of birds with one stone for corporations. Firstly, it would diminish the power of unions. Unions are effective because, amongst other protests, workers are not paid enough, nor are they given good benefits and many are forced to work multiple jobs to afford to have a family, something that the “Boomer” generation didn’t have to worry about. They were able to afford a family with one working parent. Secondly, instead of working less hard than they can, workers would feel cared about (decent healthcare, wages and PTO/Paid parental leave are good ways to inspire loyalty). Workers then help drive the profits. This is why I love Co-Ops in particular, as the workers own the company. Thirdly, it makes recruiting workers easier and improves reputation. Fourth, it helps drive the economy.

How do we fix this? Mass protests, riots and strikes against corporations which have shown to be effective in increasing wages. Corporations can increase wages, they just don’t want to. The only way to hurt hem is through the pocket book, or should I say, the best way in my opinion. Corporations get ‘welfare’ in the form of tax breaks and other benefits to create more jobs and pay workers well, but it ends up in the pockets of record bonuses for CEO’s instead.

I, myself, have spent time working for corporate America. Home Depot in particular was shitty to its employees. Workers were paid 10 an hour, while down the road at Lowe’s they paid 20. I also worked at an Asian Gourmet, making minimum wage, while my last time working for corporate America was working for Ram Mounts/National Products Inc, where I ended up developing Asthma due to working conditions and lack of PPE. It’s time for workers to realize their power and stop working for wages that are no longer sustainable for supporting families.

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