Developing new skills and improving your learning

Learning new skills is important, whether it is for a job, living on your own or in a breakdown society or dystopian world. Learning about the history of our country, is important so that we realize that workers rights come at cost, and that it takes blood, sweat and tears to preserve them. Many of our current privileges that we take for granted, union workers fought and died for, such as the weekend. In other, more advanced, European Countries the ruling class was tired of the constant death on both sides and so treat workers better. Learning new skills can improve your life and the lives of others around you. These same skills can be used for gaining more independence from the government.

Personally, I think, despite the capitalist rich best efforts, that our American Empire will be losing power over the next decade, more and more quickly. Those at the top refuse to make the structure of our country stronger, by pouring more into social programs that benefit the society as a whole. They would still be rich if they did so, but only a bit less. They would still be able to afford many of their expensive amenities, but would have to start paying their fair share back into society. It would also help avoid the free-fall collapse of capitalism. A choice of totally losing the system that benefits you or becoming a little less powerful? I know what I would choose.

This is why I’ve been picking up skills in educating people about the environment and planting more shade and fruit bearing trees as well as how to maintain them to improve our poorer communities. Since the rich don’t want to improve our communities, I’m going to start. Perhaps this will shame them into doing their part, perhaps not. I don’t make much money, but there is still actions I can take. I won’t give up on my community.

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