A Look at Julian Assange





Julian Assange is a journalist, who after reading a bit about him, I have much respect for. Freedom of expression, press freedom and our right to information are all important to the people. People like Tucker Carlson and criminals on our Supreme Court are still walking free, while someone like Assange is locked up? Perhaps it is because he represents journalism as it should be, free from government control and having wiggled from out of the trap of corporations? He has the balls to do what few will.

He is a journalist who was watching the government, and educating the people, and was bringing corruption to light, as I try to do, regardless of political party. Now, he is locked up for ‘crimes against the government.’ Must be because he isn’t extraordinary wealthy. He blew the whistle on what the government was doing in the Middle East, and they couldn’t have that. He somehow managed to get both Trump and Obama to agree on something, which makes him dangerous indeed.

He put his career and life on the line to educate and bring to light what our government was doing. If we are to change our country, we must help bring our flaws to light. We must write about what makes people uncomfortable, even if it causes us harm. Countries never get better without fighting and sacrifice. I choose to fight with my words and writings. Educating on what is going on, without party affiliation is important.

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