Why safety nets are important




“Safety Nets’ are important to have, whether you’re a small family or the government. American Healthcare is a good example. Other countries seem to be watching us as an example of what not to do. We are losing our standing with more developed countries in particular. Other, more developed European Countries as well in the PBS article, give more money as unemployment and have strong housing safety nets, particularly in the case of Finland.

Why do these countries have better safety nets? There are a few factors that I can think of. One is that they pay their workers more and work them less hours. They have also invested in universal health care, and infrastructure programs for the populace. Perhaps this is because these countries have had multiple violent revolutions and are wary of the damage that does to the economy and see it as cheaper to just take care of their citizens.

A less desperate populace is likely to be a less violent one towards the rich, giving up small amounts of power is how the rich are more likely to stay in power. The reason that past revolutions (EX: Napolean) and arguably how Hitler was able to come to power, is that people were desperate. Many rich who thought themselves safe were found on the chopping block. The key is to aim the people’s anger towards the capitalist rich instead of at each other. When our country falls apart, they will direct us towards each other, but it is the rich and hoarding elite that we should be focused on.

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