Why learning from other countries is important; a shared learning experience



Learning from other countries and cultures is important. It’s how we adapt and advance our civilizations. Europe seems to be better at that than we are. They have decent medical care, where it is not like the US in that you just hope you don’t get sick. They actually are caring for their citizens and have to come to the realization that is is better economically just to treat their citizens well. For example, as I have stressed before, they are happier, as seen in the above article.

Workers are given more breaks, shorter hours and higher pay. Workers can afford to live, and have extra income, which then helps fuel the economy, much like a wheel. They get paid well, they spend the money, and save some, but overall, the economy keeps flowing. That is how you would help improve our economy, through livable wages and benefits. They have come to the realization that workers need vacations to help avert burnouts/mistakes as well as shorter work weeks, so that workers can focus on other interests as well.

They have better food and food systems in other European Countries as well. I did an earlier article on our corporate lunches compared to theirs. It’s all processed foods here, compared to fresh, chef produced foods many times over there. It’s also more about the whole, than the individual in those countries as well, which is how Finland managed to solve homelessness. A stronger, healthier population and economy are more important to them, so they invested money back into the communities who needed help. This is still paying for itself today.

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