Learning to care for other beings

I’ve touched before on the topic of depression with my first book that I published. I’ve also written on at least a few times in this blog about mental health. Learning to care for other beings is important, doesn’t necessarily have to be humans. It can be animals, or plants as well. Caring for plants or animals can help lead to caring for other humans as well. Gardening is important for mental health.

One of the reasons that other, more developed European Countries give their workers shorter work weeks and better pay is that they realize that this is a way for workers to not get burnt out. It also helps the economy by paying their workers better and by giving more leisure time. Workers are less likely to revolt, as they are not constantly worrying about survival, and have more time to pursue other interests. This is seen as caring for the workers, but also helps serve a selfish need, companies want to keep profits. As long as we are going to have profit-based economies, we need to make it worthwhile for workers to be parts of companies.

Recently, I’ve come to a new way of thinking. I’ve started collaborating with an artist to get cover art album done for merchandise. I keep my prices low, and they don’t rise with inflation. I also use a local printing company. I have been raising money for garden infrastructure, as well as working with tree programs to get more trees in our ‘Sacrifice Zone’ area.

I have been selling and working cash jobs in order to make ends meet, but have also been preparing the area for when shit hits the fan. If we care for each other, we can help build better communities. Being motivated by survival of your habitat instead of of money, helps move things faster. The faster we move away from being motivated by greed, the better chance humanity has at surviving the threats facing us. After all, if there is no human race left, what use have we for profit?


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