How to be a Good Dude in Light of Current Events

The US and the world is going through a hard time right now. The rich capitalist class and their political allies are working together to drive a wedge between the middle and lower incomes. Today’s politicians have lost touch with the common people, and this is how revolutions start. The rich have been getting much richer (Example: Bezos has made enough that he could give each employee a 100,000 bonus and still be richer than at the start of the pandemic). Oil Oligarchs and other corporate companies keep price gouging.

There are many ways that we can fight this as common people. We can lobby and protest and force the government to listen to us. Strikes are efficient, as seen over the pandemic, which is the quickest way to get results. We need better infrastructure in our country, whether it be health care, wages or roads. Our workers are the ones making the money, so they need to realize that they have more power together than they think, which is why unions are a good first step. Co-ops are as well, which is why I’ve written about it a few times on this blog.

This ‘trickle-down’ effect is BULLSHIT! Companies keep getting bigger and bigger tax breaks in order to ‘create’ jobs. All I’ve seen is a mass hoarding of wealth by these corporate overlords. This is why I invest in my communities infrastructure. I buy seeds and am working with tree organizations to get more trees in the area, so that our neighborhoods aren’t as polluted and our area is cleaner for our families. I’m tired of our families suffering so the rich can get richer. If they don’t start listening to us, we will have a revolution in this country against the rich again, as we did against the British.

You can be a good person, by helping implement garden/plant/tree infrastructure in your area, by building a more independent community. Get the community involved in looking after the trees and gardens, so that they have more power and ability to break away from full-fledged capitalist and instead by more community-based. There have been cases for this, many times by black towns, but have ended with violence when whites became resentful.

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