Agriculture trade and how we are perpetuating diseases in livestock

The agriculture lobby is one of the most powerful lobby’s in America. They are responsible for the uptick in diseases in our cattle, as they engage in factory farming. As we have seen throughout history is that diseases spread more rapidly when humans are put into compact conditions, whether this be internment camps, prisons, or other forms of compacted living. Pumping animals full of antibiotics will result and has resulted in more harmful diseases, which can be passed along to consumers in the food. One of the reasons that I am a vegetarian. Factory farm livestock also lives in its own crap and is very susceptible to disease because of that. In my mind, this is a big part of why I’m a vegetarian and why it would also be cheaper to raise livestock outside on property other than compacting them and having to spend all this money trying to fight the diseases. Also, natural cow/chicken crap without antibiotics is a form of fertilizer.

Some diseases, such as “Mad Cow Disease,” really turned me off from eating meat. There is also the case of black farmers being cheated out of their land, and I am a supporter of small local farms. I am starting my own garden infrastructure for my area to the best of my ability. I have also started delving into research on natural hempcrete for my neighborhood as an investment. It’s concrete, but with hemp as the strengthener. It’s noted to be as strong as steel, and is much better than cotton and can replace it, and would have, if not for lobbying.

The way that I see us fighting Big AG, is by way of smaller community farms. Farms build bonds within the community, and is good to start now, as we are facing a food shortage in the world. It also creates more independence from the government supplies as well. Another side note, is that this way of growing as communities can better help free us from capitalism.

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