Rules of business; cost-saving measures as well as gaining loyalty

I’m going to talk about a topic that doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. For clarification, I will say first-off, that I am not a fan of the trucking industry in that the amount of gas that it used and the air pollution that is put into the air. Our country and the world at large is also somehow capable of inventing weapons of mass destruction, but somehow not alternative, healthy fuel for trucks on a mass scale. Having said that, I am also a pragmatist. Truckers need our respect, and their bosses and owners need to realize that it is cheaper to let their employees get rest. Some may ask me about this lowering profit margins for the CEO’s and blah blah blah. It would actually save money in the long-run by giving tuckers the benefits they need, as well as the rest they deserve. A healthier employee, and one that is better rested is less-likely to make a literally fatal mistake.

Employers of truckers are wondering why so many are quitting during the pandemic and why, like many other jobs that we need filled are there so many vacancies? This not a political issue, but a humanitarian one. For all of those scratching their heads why their people are leaving, “have you tried paying them and offering them decent benefits so they want to work for you?” With my merchandise, not only is it affordable, but it all goes to a good cause for the communities by where I live. I am, however, thinking of opening a cheap food stand by a trucker stop to help cut some of the costs, because they do deserve our respect. Like many other jobs, we couldn’t survive many days without them.

As I have screamed in public before; “Pay your fucking employees!” This is not rocket science. Until we get to a trade-and-barter system, just fucking pay people, it’s that simple. You don’t need a Harvard Education or study Ancient Hieroglyphs to figure this shit out. Paying your employees also drives loyalty as well as the economy. I would quit too, if I was at a job that paid by mile instead of hour. These employers want us to be loyal to them, when they aren’t loyal to us? It works both ways.

I have military friends who are discarded when they come home, many of whom have PTSD. Yet another job field I personally have no interest in, but recognize that we need it until we can get to a more cooperative world where we all strive to help other nations, because it benefits society as a whole. Take care of the people that do the dangerous jobs, have healthcare waiting for them, which is why universal health care would save our country so much money in the long-run, that citizens could then put into other public programs that benefit society.

Furthermore, take care of your people If you are going to have a fucking government. The more wages go up, the more spending goes up, the more the economy can afford to put in better public programs and help our country recover. Our economy is stagnating, because people aren’t paid enough to work. Large corporations and other businesses need to recognize this. Pay your employees well, give good benefits, and your business thrives. Plus, you get a better reputation.

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