Having morals is important. If you have a code (even a weird one), people are more likely to want to do business with you. Morality has a huge role in business. Morality can also be combined with selfishness to make others take interest in stuff that they would not have otherwise. For example, most humans/living organisms in this world are concerned for their own survival. This is how you may appeal to a toxic industrials company/oligarch to actually being interested in helping preserve the environment, the same way that former shark hunters have turned to helping sharks; they want to be able to appreciate them. There is also the unfortunate fact, (even for the ones at the top) is that there needs to be enough people for you to buy your product for money to still be valuable.

Another example would be the Venn Diagram of “Monkey Pox” Making its way into the US. The both selfish and morally right choice, would have been to send our 20 million vaccines that ended up being thrown away (maybe because pharmaceutical corporations wouldn’t have majorly profited)? This virus has been circulating in Africa for the past few years, and we’ve just been sitting on the doses. Sending aid would’ve done many things in the form of the vaccines. Benefit 1: Improve the US standing in the world view. Benefit 2: Not have the virus come over here (both a morally right and selfish action). Benefit 3: Create more jobs for our declining economy (lots of people over in Africa need vaccines, will require lots of jobs). Benefit 4: Less likely that we will have another Pandemic from the virus happen in the US, as other countries would probably also send vaccines to match what the US would send, creating more jobs for their economies as well.

I’ve written about this in a few other articles, about the importance of the the wealthier being viewed as benefactors and not those to be hated. After all, particularly in the US, they benefit from capitalism, and one would think that they would want the system that makes them rich to continue, if a little less wealthy from helping benefit the rest of society. Other European Countries have had their fare share of revolutions and violent overthrows where they have changed to systems that better benefit everyone and much stronger public programs than we do in the US. Wanting to keep one’s head attached to one’s body is a great motivator for helping the greater public good. Without a head, you can’t live.

I am a business man, and I prefer to make profit. Also though, I attempt to be a philanthropist to do good at the cost to myself. For example, I run a mutual aid table, and the merchandise that I get made, I keep affordable for those with low incomes. The money I make, goes into garden infrastructure and helping improve our neighborhood, minus what I need for my bare essentials. I want to be viewed as someone who wants to help the community, before I am viewed as a businessman, and to show others that you can make profits without price-gouging. That you can use profits as long as we have this system, to actually do some good, in both the short and long-term.

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