How to build a sense of community; and getting away from money

I’m a business man, I’ll be the first to admit that. In our current system, I need money to survive. That being said, community is just as important to me. Currently, I am pouring money into garden infrastructure and trees as I am able. I don’t mind paying more taxes to this end, either. I’ve sold off a decent chunk of my stocks in order to raise money for my projects to help the community. As a result, I’ve had to pay higher taxes than I would’ve otherwise. I’m a person that puts their money where there mouth is and subscribe to the Ancient Athenian view on taxes to society.

While I am perfectly aware that we cannot reduce income inequality through the tax system in a perfect way, there are some solutions we could try. Like the rich in Ancient Athens, at least some of the rich want to be seen as benefactors to society, as being seen as a benefactor, people are more likely to chop off your head, hang you, or whatever is fashionable sort of capital punishment at the time. The other income brackets would be appreciative as well. Putting more of their money into public programs would be a good sort of a “trickle-down effect.” It would benefit the rest of society and more people wanting to continue participate in capitalism, as this system does appear to be important to the rich society in America in particular.

From a personal selfish standpoint, as well as a humanitarian one, I know that a well-balanced and more independent community is better able to survive calamity as a whole. This is important on a country and global-scale as well. Communities and people working together for the greater good instead of profit, is how humanity survives. If we keep exploiting ourselves and planet, there will be no more value in money, therefor no more value in me having business.

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