How politicians and those in power are dividing the populace

The capitalist rich have been getting poorer, while those at the bottom and middle income are getting poorer. This makes people more desperate and chances of another January 6th that will be outside of any politicians/president’s control, are very likely to happen again. This is happening in other parts of the world, as seen in the article about billionaires. There are some activities that I have been doing to help us move away from political parties. I have been using my limited funds to help put infrastructure in for my community. Right now, this revolves around stockpiling heirloom seeds and looking for places to buy garden infrastructure for the neighborhood, in bulk at discounts.

People may be wondering, why as an investor and merchandise seller, do I care so much about what is currently going on with humanity? Shouldn’t I be focused on making as much money as possible? There are a few things wrong if I tried to make as much money as fast as possible, as much as possible. People would want my head (as it involves exploiting people or investing in companies who exploit their workers). I have also seen what capitalism is doing to the planet and what people’s pursuit of mass profits are doing to our habitat.

As an investor, I invest in companies that treat their workers ethically, or at the least, I have not heard bad things about how they treat their workers. If something does come to light, I’ve sold my stock in that company. The workers are the ones that make our world go, and we need to treat them better. We cannot justify larger and larger raises for CEO’s while the common worker struggles to survive, which is why I advocate for unions, and as a next step, Co-ops. I know that unless things change for the better, that humanity is doomed.

Structure is important for communities. It helps provide support for citizens, and this is why well-funded public programs are important. There are checks and balances to an extent on the rich in other European Countries, which is why their public programs (health care, public transport, and others are so much better than ours). People may also ask me, why don’t I move? This is because I want to improve where I am and start a chain reaction in the US where people care less about profits and more about helping our neighbors.

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