How Climate Change and Pollutants are leading to less people being born and less sex being had; as well as other health problems

Climate change and air pollution are 2 of the most dangerous threats to humanity’s future. Other than simply making our habitat much hotter, there are more side affects, both to us and animals. More heat makes people more lethargic and have less energy for activities, which is why a lot of us have the air conditioner going on for much of the summer. An example would also be sea turtles; less males are being born, because the sand is getting warmer, which means that more females are being born. Air pollution and climate change also affect our birth rates and gives higher chances of birth defects.

For example, in more industrial neighborhoods like mine, there are lots of toxic industrial companies, and these companies feed may toxins into our neighborhoods that feed into citizens, this affects birth rates and hampers ability to get pregnant/carry children to term. Children in our areas have higher risk of asthma as well, as other health complications. This is why it is important to fight back to reclaim our lives from toxic industrials and come together as communities to gain sense of independence.

BPA’s and CPAH’s are a few of the very hazardous chemicals that are used in plastic extrusions. We as citizens have rights to know what is being done to our community. The argument could be made that these companies provide jobs. At what cost though? At what cost to future generations and children. I would think that the ‘pro-life’ movement, instead of targeting abortion clinics would, I don’t know, maybe target places that are actively killing people? Places such as toxic industrials (Boeing and other toxic wartime manufactures, Bezos and other oligarchs, who don’t care if employees die, so long as they get a few dollars out of it).

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