Why Humanity is Killing itself

Humanity is killing itself. Personally, it seems as if we have a death wish. One of my friends told me the other day when talking to those on the far-right that appealing to their self-interest is how we get them on-board with progressing our race. Despite the division that has grown in America and around the world, there are many more aspects of our life that we have in common than divide us. Nature surprisingly, should be one, as should pollution.

Many people across the ‘political spectrum’ are fans of nature, some for different reasons, but is an area that we can find common ground. Some people like nature and trees, because they can apply for hunting and fishing permits, others for hiking and just appreciating hiking and being out in it. We can all come together against toxic industrial corporations that are in charge of the industries that rule the world and the families that hold all of the power (a blog later on those families). What is community that all sides could live together in? How about one where everyone pitches in their share.

What I have been selling stocks and investments to do in part, is to make my community more independent. I have started buying heirloom seeds so that we may grow more of our own food. We can use these projects to teach our community about how to care for our environment and to take actual action to reduce climate change and to help put pressure on our governments. My wealth isn’t worth anything if my community doesn’t have programs that can help with infrastructure for our community. It’s why I have my mutual aid tables during some weekends as well as going flyering and providing education to the community in that regard.

I am trying to create a farming community where everyone puts in hard work and gets see-able benefits out of it. Where we can be independent and force our governments to come to the table if they want us to be apart of it. We are tired of being treated like 2nd and 3rd-class citizens. Another aspect that will help is us saving water, where we replace lawns with raised beds. Lawns don’t produce food, but gardens do.




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